What is this “PSMF” thing I’m hearing about?

PSMF stands for “protein-sparing modified fast,” and it is currently taking the internet by storm! It's being touted as a way to lose weight quickly, but what is it and how can it be done safely? Find out in our free e-book!

PSMF-friendly enchiladas

Healthy has never tasted better!

The search for allergy-friendly, healthy, simple meals is finally over. Enjoy our FREE e-book with five delicious recipes that also happen to be gluten free, dairy free, low carb, and PSMF friendly!

Why would you do a PSMF?

It’s a fantastic way to break through a weight loss stall or kickstart your progress. If you’ve been “doing everything right” and working hard for some time but those stubborn pounds still won’t budge, consider shaking it up with a PSMF! You also get some of the benefits of fasting (like boosting cognition and reducing insulin resistance) without losing muscle mass! Learn how in the e-book!

Sounds great, but remember…

PSMF is not designed to be used exclusively for extended periods of time. Find out more in our free e-book!

PSMF-friendly quiche

Time for the NOMs!

Our free e-book is ready for you! With five incredible recipes, courtesy of cookbook author Maria Emmerich, including her internet-famous, viral PSMF bread. Plus, handy tips, and more info about PSMF so you can confidently kickstart your progress!

PSMF-friendly dessert

Benefits of Egg White Protein:

You’ll notice the recipes in the e-book call for Egg White Protein. This is a super useful ingredient for PSMF days, because it adds extra protein without adding fat (score!). It’s also shelf-stable and doesn’t need to be refrigerated, letting you save on space. Best of all, it makes it possible to add baked goods into your PSMF routine so you don’t need to say goodbye to some of your favorite foods like sandwiches, French toast, cakes, and more.