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When a keto meal tastes great, keeps you full longer, is easy to grab-n-go, and comes in over 30 flavors ... sticking with your goals gets much, much easier.

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Rated 4.6/5 based on 35479 reviews.

Our keto shakes are sculpted to be the perfect healthy meal. Make your low-carb or keto life easy.
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Rated 4.6/5 based on 35479 reviews.

Stay healthy when you’re on-the-go

We make keto easy for us "regular" people – those who may not have time to spend hours meal prepping every day but want to care for our health ... AND our tastebuds.

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Any questions we haven't answered?

Keto Chow is the tastiest low-carb meal shake mix on the market, and is designed to support nutritional ketosis. Combine it with a fat source of your choice (like heavy cream, butter, oil) and water. One shake provides 1/3 of your daily vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein, electrolytes and more.
Absolutely! It's designed to be a complete meal and to keep you full. (After all, eating healthy doesn't mean being hungry all the time.) If you find you're getting hungry too soon after your shake, the amazing thing about Keto Chow is that it's completely customizable. Just add a little more fat (like heavy cream, butter, or oil) to increase satiety, and you're set!
Most flavors of Keto Chow use sucralose as the sweetener, but there are some exceptions. The savory flavors of Keto Chow (Savory Chicken Soup, Spicy Taco Soup, Beef Soup Base, and Creamy Tomato Basil) are unsweetened; Natural Strawberry uses monk fruit; and the Core line has an unsweetened option as well as one sweetened with stevia.
It's up to you! One of the best things about Keto Chow is how easy it is to customize for your specific needs and preferences. Heavy cream, butter, or avocado oil are our favorites to use. The amount you'll want to add will vary depending on your macros. We even have a calculator to tell you how much to add based on your goals.
Add your Keto Chow to the fat source of your choice. Add 1¾ - 2 cups of water, then shake it up! Let chill in the fridge for 20 minutes, and you're good to go!
It is! Our products are certified gluten free.
It's actually pretty simple. Your body has two main sources of energy: fat and carbs. A ketogenic diet reduces the amount of carbs you eat so that your body gets its energy from fat instead of carbs. That leads to benefits like more mental clarity, reduced inflammation, and can support healthy weight loss. Learn more here.
Keto comes from “ketogenic” which is a way of eating that supports the production of ketones in the body.
Everybody is different! If you are aiming for a low carb or ketogenic way of eating, you'll want to keep your carbs as low as possible. You can check out our macro calculator to see what keto macros should look like for your body.
By restricting carbs, a ketogenic way of eating helps your body switch from burning carbs for energy to burning fat instead. Not only can this result in fat loss, but it can also stabilize blood sugar, and lead to more mental clarity as your body has a steadier source of energy (instead of the wild fluctuations that come with a high-carb diet).
Most people choose to incorporate Keto chow as a complete meal each day, or just on days they are especially busy. Because it is ultra-low carb, it can usually fit easily into a keto diet. Whatever your macro goals are, you can easily incorporate Keto Chow by customizing the amount of the fat (and which fat source) you choose to use.