Fasting Drop bottles in various sizes
Fasting Drops bottle in small size
Fasting Drops Refill Bottle 250ml
Fasting Drops bottle 550 ml
Fasting Drops 120ML with dropper
Fasting Drops nutritional label. For more info visit
Fasting Drop bottles in various sizes
Fasting Drops bottle in small size
Fasting Drops Refill Bottle 250ml
Fasting Drops bottle 550 ml
Fasting Drops 120ML with dropper
Fasting Drops nutritional label. For more info visit

Keto Chow Fasting Drops

"I've never felt better on my fasting days! Intermittent Fasting just got easy. Love these!"
-Danny F.

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"I've never felt better on my fasting days! Intermittent Fasting just got easy. Love these!"
-Danny F.

What is “Keto”?

If carbohydrates are available, your body will burn that first. If carbs are not available, your body will burn fat & your fat stores! “Keto” (scientifically known as “Nutritional Ketosis” but usually referred to as just “keto” or a “ketogenic diet”) involves restricting your diet to moderate protein, very low carbohydrates and high fat. It’s similar to the the Atkins diet, but with more solid science. When you are consuming enough protein to keep muscles happy, restricting carbohydrates as low as possible and making up the rest of your calories in fat, your body switches into a fat burning mode. Your liver will begin converting fats into energy molecules known technically as “ketone bodies” – which is where the name of the diet comes from. People end up with MORE energy and vitality on a ketogenic diet. Muscle cells are finally gaining energy instead of all the fuel getting stored away in fat cells because of insulin, specifically insulin resistance.

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“I use these drops every day! Whenever I am fasting or just late for a meal this gives me the boost of energy I need to make it through my day. I honestly love how it makes me feel.”

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“This is what saves me when I'm fasting. No cravings, just drinking my water with drops and I'm good.”

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“These drops are helpful in restoring levels of sodium, potassium, and magnesium while I'm fasting. Maintaining healthy levels keeps me from being lethargic and hungry during my fasts.”

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Straight from nature

Our Keto Chow Fasting Drops are sourced locally from Utah's Great Salt Lake where dissolved trace minerals can be found in their ionic form. GRAS certified, pure minerals (we do NOT add sugars, calories, caffeine, or artificial ingredients). Just the minerals in their most bioavailable form-as nature intended.

Safe for hydration packs. Won't stain or leave residue.

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Fasting Drops

Our doctor-approved blend is designed specifically for the specific needs of the human body while fasting-with higher levels of sodium and less potassium. The Keto Chow Fasting Drops are also perfect for kidney patients.


Amounts are mg per 1 tsp.





What's the difference?

Electrolytes + essential minerals
Ideal for every day use

Daily Minerals Bottle

Specific electrolytes only
Ideal for spot use

Electrolytes Drops Bottle


Magnesium Drops Bottle

Sleep / Cramps

Fasting Drops Bottle


When to use

As the name suggests, fasting drops are for perfect for those fasting days or intermittent fasts. Pro tip: Many nutritionists recommend that when fasting, you get 6,000 - 11,000 mg of sodium a day.

How to use

Add 1/2 tsp. to your favorite drink, or over a meal.

For those sensitive to the mineral flavor, add lemon or lime juice. For the best-tasting results, use good quality water and mix thoroughly. For little to no salty taste, mix with 16oz/500mL of water. If you are not opposed to the stronger salty taste, you can use multiple servings at a time. Many users report they prefer to add more if they feel low on sodium.

Pure Minerals

No Added Sugar

No Carbs




What are Electrolytes?

They are called “electro-lytes” because they conduct electrical charges in your body. Every message sent through our nervous systems-moving, thinking, breathing-involves electrical impulses. You need electrolytes for these nerve impulses to fire.

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How do they help with performance?

In addition to conducting electricity so your brain and body can literally be firing on all cylinders, electrolytes also help produce energy, balance the amount of water in your body, and move nutrients into and out of your cells–essentially, they make sure that your nerves, muscles, heart, and brain work the way they should.

Now electrolytes are not a cure-all. But if you live an active or low-carb lifestyle, chances are you need more sodium, potassium, and magnesium in your life.

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Helpful Videos

Want to know more about electrolytes and the science behind them? Check out these videos.

Any questions we haven't answered?

The Fasting Drops have more sodium and significantly less potassium than our Electrolyte Drops. This is because they were designed for use during extended fasts, and for patients who need to limit their potassium intake for medical reasons.
They are designed mainly for use during an extended fast (longer 24 hours), or for use by patients with kidney issues or other medical conditions that require limiting potassium intake.
We recommend 1/2 teaspoon diluted in 8 oz. of water or flavored beverage of your choice.

Customer Reviews

Based on 241 reviews
Casey Ruff (United States)
Love my Fasting Drops!

Love my Fasting Drops, they taste great and help me when I do intermittent fasting!


This helped me feel great during fasting

Natalie Erickson (United States)
They're all delicious!

We usually use LMNT but I have to say I liked they're variety and the taste better with KC. In all kindness - it's only the name that throws us, we feel like we're buying something from an agricultural feed store. Besides the name they're out new favorite; better taste, price, and variety - though we wish they had a spicy mango too....that one from LMNT is delicious. We're KC converts.